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Learn Clinical Hypnotherapy with Australia's Leading Training School

Why AICH is the Premier School in Australia

What Makes Us Different?

  • The only Cognitive and Solution
    Oriented Clinical Hypnosis
    training in Australia
  • The only Australian school teaching Strategic Psychotherapy
  • Internationally recognised faculty
  • Recommended by the creator of Solution Oriented Hypnosis
  • Government Accredited Qualification
  • Ongoing supervision available
  • Easy Payment Options
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Are you a Healthcare Professional?

Add Hypnosis Skills to Your

  • Exemptions from Psychotherapy modules
  • Cognitive and Solution Oriented Hypnosis complementing CBT and other modern psychotherapy models
  • 10 days face-to-face
    experiential training
  • Nationally Recognised Training
  • Non accredited options
  • 12 month payment plans
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No Existing Qualifications?

Start a New Career as a Qualified Hypnotherapist...

  • Course includes modern
    Cognitive and Solution Oriented Hypnosis, Strategic Psychotherapy, ethics, marketing and building practice
  • Up to 30 days face-to-face
    experiential training across 6 months plus nominal hours
  • Extended ongoing supervision
  • 12 month payment plans
  • Nationally Recognised Training
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