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Understanding accreditation is a critical consideration when choosing a training provider. There are many options but the most important thing is that your hypnotherapy training is certified and recognised by a national professional association. From membership to a professional body stems effective insurance coverage, supervision options, ongoing professional development and health fund rebates for your clients.

The Hypnotherapy Profession

There are two segments to the hypnotherapy training field and industry:
1. Those who operate outside the system
2. RTO (Registered Training Organisation) accredited courses

1. Those who operate outside the system

Many overseas associations, particularly those in the United States, are private companies, many of whom you can join online without proof of qualifications. The courses they offer are typically short (2-7 days), and will provide you with grand sounding qualifications such as “Master Hypnotherapist.” Unfortunately, many of these qualifications are simply not recognised in Australia, and you run the risk of spending a lot of money with absolutely no recognition for your effort.

N.B. A number of these organisations are run by “Doctorates.” It is worth asking them where they got their doctorate from, and in what? There are a number of people claiming to be “Doctors” who have received their qualifications through correspondence in the Bahamas. Some of these people have been exposed in the Australian media but have continued to call themselves “Doctors” to this day.

These courses and associations lack depth, insight and professionalism and will not prepare you for a career as a therapist, nor will they provide you any security or industry support.

2. Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s)

At the other end of the scale are the Registered Training Organisations. Such organisations can offer both accredited and non accredited courses and we are subject to greater scrutiny than non government training providers. Having said that, even here there is a considerable range in professionalism, expertise and delivery. We regularly tell people that “a trainer cannot give you what they don’t have.” Looking for the faculty with the greatest expertise and experience is rarely a bad idea…in any endeavour.

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