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What Makes a Good Hypnotherapist?

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A good hypnotherapist cares about people and wants to make a difference. A passion for the workings of the human mind and the human spirit is something of a prerequisite. A good modern hypnotherapist is focused on brief therapy and is very goal oriented. It is about finding solutions not regurgitating the past or searching for a hidden meaning to events.

You need to be flexible in your thinking, self aware, and have dealt with your own issues sufficiently that you could act as the model for a client struggling with the perennial issues that present in clinic.

You need to be able to work independently with limited supervision, be organised, and be keen to run your own practice/business.

A recent review of the industry shows that busy hypnotherapists can make somewhere between $60,000 and $120,000 per year working an average of three days per week.

If you are already a medical professional or therapist you can expect that the addition of hypnosis skills will significantly add to your efficacy and referral base.

On average there are a minimum of 22,000 google searches for hypnotherapy in Australia each month, and over 1,000,000 worldwide.



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