What Does a Hypnotherapist Do?

What Does a Clinical Hypnotherapist Do?

Typically a clinical hypnotherapist is in private practice working between 2 and 4 days per week. They will deal with issues that ordinary people face from time to time like anxiety related problems, social phobias, behavioural and performance based issues. As a clinical hypnotherapist you will generally deal with things like the fear of public speaking, stress, binge drinking and smoking cessation, difficulty sleeping, poor concentration, and changing unwanted habits and responses.

Some choose to deal with more demanding issues like trauma and depression. Some chose specialties like working with children or particular conditions like infertility.

You would not treat people with mental illnesses like Bipolar or Schizophrenia unless you are already a psychologist or psychiatrist!

Typically hypnotherapists conduct brief therapy. The average number of session would be between 4 and 6 per person, and they would charge anywhere between $120 and $200 per hour, of which a portion can be claimed on some health fund rebates.




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