Why train with AICH?

We believe our cognitive hypnosis training is the best on offer in Australia. Our Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis and Strategic Psychotherapy 10450NAT is a government accredited qualification.

We want you to have the best training experience you can have, and be confident enough to deal with most clients who will come through your door from the outset. This school has a high success rate in turning out competent therapists, even retraining students from other schools in order to give them the capacity to start their own practice.

How? We believe our faculty is the best qualified in the country. We run successful practices ourselves, and regularly feature in national and international conferences. Add to this the material we teach which is the most advanced available, and is barely understood let alone taught elsewhere, and you simply cannot compare what we do to any other school in the country. The form of hypnotic intervention we advocate could put you ahead of most practicing hypnotherapists out there today because the results you get will be quicker, more noticeable, and longer lasting, and referrals will be a key factor in your practice.

We strongly suggest you visit us personally, or come to an information evening. This is how you will know…

Couldn’t I get Australian association membership with a short course and American association membership as a reference?

No. These courses operate outside of the profession and are not currently recognised in Australia. It should be noted that many American associations are private companies. If you go to their websites, you will see that you are able to join online without proof of training.

Requirements in Australia

How do I get my clients after I am qualified?

One of the key components of the training is building practice. We will show you how to market your services, get you listed on the right directories, and even design a website for you using our own industry specific web company if you want.

How does Hypnotherapy work?

When using Hypnosis or NLP, we are dealing with the unconscious mind more than the conscious, rational mind. Most people’s problems don’t make rational sense. We know it is not an appropriate response but we do it anyway. That is because the response is emotionally based. Hypnotherapy works with the unconscious or “emotional” mind where the problem resides, rather than trying to go through the conscious mind. It therefore deals with the problem at the source.

This makes it very different from almost any other approach.

If I train with the AICH, what will my qualification entitle me to?

  1. A free year of provisional Membership of the Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists
  2. Internationally recognised qualification required to practice as a Clinical Hypnotherapist
  3. Ongoing support by way of student clinic and/or supervision

What are the benefits of becoming a hypnotherapist? Can I really earn a decent living, have more time, and more flexibility?

Hypnotherapists generally charge anywhere between $150 AUD and $330 AUD per hour. Many hypnotherapists would do between 10-20 sessions per week. Needless to say, to have a successful practice you need to be well trained, be good at what you do, and be able to market yourself effectively. If you can do this, running your own practice allows you time to spend with family, have the flexibility that most jobs do not have, and be your own boss.

Where can Hypnotherapy be applied?

Hypnotherapy can be applied anywhere the mind has an influence. Stress and anxiety, pain management, depression, insomnia, performance, study skills, relationship issues, trauma and phobias and even physical healing and change.

Where to from here?

1) Download a Course Guide


2) Register for our Next Free Event


3) Call the office on 1300 745 486 and talk to us about either non accredited or Diploma Courses