Free Information Sessions

Registrations are now open to attend our next Free Information Session in Perth!

Why attend an information session?

Internet research can only take you so far. Ultimately, you will need to find out important distinctions between schools, approaches and teaching styles, and the best way to do that is to talk to someone face-to-face or see it demonstrated.

Your research is important because you are undertaking a significant course, not a weekend workshop. You want to feel certain that your trainer can provide the skills you need to be a competent and confident therapist. Making decisions based on easier scheduling or cost can sometimes be counterproductive.

At our information session, we do what we can to minimise your uncertainties and give you a clear understanding of what we do, our teaching style, and the field in general. For instance, we have found that when people search for hypnosis training, most are not even aware of the different types of hypnosis or the efficacy of these various approaches.

Solution Oriented Hypnosis

Most schools in Australia teach traditional authoritarian script-based hypnosis. We teach Solution Oriented Hypnosis, and according to the professional body to which we belong, we are the only school in Australia that teaches this modern approach. It is important to know why!

Navigate the maze of offers

Additionally, we want you to better understand the maze of offers out there. Unfortunately, unregulated industries tend to have their fair share of creative marketing, and we do our best to help you understand the hypnosis landscape. There are accredited courses, non accredited courses, courses that are accepted by Australian professional bodies, and those that aren’t. We will explain the differences.

Hypnosis demonstration

In the session, we will also demonstrate our form of hypnosis with someone from the group and give you a clear indicator of what is possible with this wonderful art.

So come, ask your questions, and find out critical information that can help you decide your pathway.

Register for my free information session

We are running an information session in Perth on Saturday 12th May starting at 10am. Located at 17 Green St, Suite 7, 17 Green Street, Mount Hawthorn WA.

“I love the spirit I find here, I really recommend their work and their trainings…”

Bill O’Hanlon, Oprah Guest, Author of 34 books, Trained by Milton Erickson

What Our Graduates Say

I did a lot of research before choosing the AICH. I was fortunate enough to know graduates from other schools, many of whom felt there were gaps in their training despite the courses being 12 months or longer.

What I learned was that Gordon (lead trainer) was so well known, and held in such high regard in the profession, that I had to look at the AICH. Once here I saw why! When giants of the field like Dr Michael Yapko refer to the prowess of your trainer you start to understand what a good decision you’ve made.

Though I had no previous training in therapy I have found myself confident with the material and my ability to do this work. This is in no small part due to the engaging and supportive teaching style we experienced at the AICH.

Shelley Anderson
Former Long Haul Cabin Crew and Customer Service Manager

I did not initially train with this institute. I was seduced by the allure of FEE Help offered by another school, which in my estimate was more about gaining a marketing edge than a mark of professionalism.

I met Gordon through a friend and he generously invited me to sit in on his classes for a couple of days. Even though technically I was already qualified, I stayed!!!! The difference in the quality of the training, the content and the delivery was immediately obvious. I filled in a lot of experiential gaps I still had even after 18 months of training.

It was practical, professional and fun. If I had my time over again I would not hesitate… I would save my time and money and train with the Australian Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Mark Hutchens
Clinical Hypnotherapist