Requirements in Australia

Requirements of Clinical Practice in Australia

Hypnosis is a powerful tool and should be used with respect and be underpinned by evidence based knowledge.

What you need to become a fully qualified and recognised Clinical Hypnotherapist:

  • Recognised qualification from an accredited training provider from Australia or overseas
  • Membership to a relevant professional association in Australia.
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Malpractice Insurance

It is vital that you choose a hypnotherapy training provider that offers an accredited course that is recognised in Australia. It is also worth noting that no fully qualified hypnotherapist belonging to a professional body has ever been sued for malpractice successfully.

You must have membership with an Australian professional association. American associations do not count unless it is the American Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists. This is because most have lower entry levels (often you can join online) and are generally private companies owned by the American based schools.

Hypnosis is unregulated profession in Australia, which means anyone can complete a 2-day non-accredited training course and call themselves a hypnotherapist. These under-qualified people typically operate outside of the accepted channels because they cannot get membership to a professional body, comprehensive malpractice insurance that accommodates the specific needs of hypnosis, or health fund rebates.