Why Do Your Hypnosis Training With Us? 9 Good Reasons

1) Learn Hypnosis from the Most Respected Faculty in Australia including resources by Bill O’Hanlon, Creator of Solution Oriented Therapy

We give the our students opportunities to access to some of the best in the field. In 2010, Michael Yapko, considered by many to be the most outstanding Hypnotherapist in the world, in fact he wrote the definition of Hypnosis for the Encyclopedia Britannica, taught the exceptional Designing and Delivering Hypnotic Interventions. In 2011, Bill O’Hanlon delivered Dealing with Your Most Difficult Clients. Both of these workshops were included in those year’s tuition fees. Bill continues to make a significant contribution to our course with an outstanding workshop on therapeutic language which is part of your resource kit.

Your teachers are considered by many in the industry to be the best in the country, and among the best in the world. Our trainers are practising professionals that know how to prepare you for the demands of your future clients, professional skills and running your own business. The quality of training you receive acts as the foundation of your career in the future, and cannot be underestimated.

As a student of the AICH you will be among the first to know about the latest changes to industry requirements, and to know of advances in the field that can make a significant difference to your practice.

2) Cost Effectiveness – Get Your Career Off to a Flying Start

From a value perspective we are told we are a “no brainer” as a training provider. We have among the highest face to face contact of any RTO in the field, arguably the most qualified faculty, and yet our fees are comparable to any other training provider in the hypnosis field.

N.B. There are cheaper training options out there, but they are not government accredited. You may have trouble being accepted by Australian Professional bodies and as a result, comprehensive insurance is not easy to acquire, and Health Fund Rebates are impossible to attain.

3) Free Automatic Membership to Professional Bodies – Retail Value $198 AUD

Successful completion of the course gives you automatic free membership to the Australian Hypnotherapists Association* the largest professional body in the country.
(*This statement assumes you do not have a criminal record or are currently linked to child offences)

4) Supercharge your results with Strategic Psychotherapy

As a graduate of AICH, you will have a point of difference over graduates from any other school in Australia.  Our unique Strategic Psychotherapy modules will allow you to quickly and strategically direct clients towards feeling better and getting their life back on track. With Strategic Psychotherapy, you will learn how to effectively discover and address cognitive styles that create and support the problem space for each unique client. No other school worldwide has distilled the broad church of brief therapy into a process that can be followed, step by step.  Your clients and the way they do their problems are as unique as they are – avoiding scripts or cookie cutter approaches will boost your success rate and confidence into a completely different league.

5) Free Resource Kit – Retail Value $2000 AUD

You receive a full resource kit that includes all the documents required for practice, and a considerable library of resource materials covering a wide range of conditions that you are likely to deal with.  You also receive demonstration videos showing the best in the world in action.

6) Free Core Textbook by our own Dr Michael Yapko – Retail Value $92 AUD

You receive your textbook Trancework by Michael Yapko Free when you begin your course, as well as a course outline detailing your assignments which means you can get started right away!

7) Ongoing Supervision

On graduation, you would enter the association as an intern member. You must receive monthly supervision as a requirement of your internship and you will have the opportunity to choose one of your AICH lecturers to be your supervisor for the subsequent 12 month should you so desire.

8) Most Advanced and Aligned with New Training Requirements

Our courses are the most advanced in the industry, and match the most recent changes to industry, health fund, and insurance requirements.

9) Government Accredited Qualification

We are a Registered Training Organisation and our Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis and Strategic Psychotherapy (10450NAT) is part of the AQF (Australian Quality Framework). This means that your qualification will be recognised by employers, insurers, associations and even other training providers if you go on to further study. Our courses are designed to equip you with the skills needed begin a career in Hypnotherapy.

Where to from here?

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